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Errata (corrections to printed rulebook)

Printed rulebook shows incorrect avatar cards for Rosamu and Kenta on component page. Corrected in PDF v1.1



  • Q: Can you choose to unequip something ever or does it have to be destroyed?


    • A: You cannot normally remove equipment, unless an ability causes you. The only time you can remove it is when you restore.
  • Q: Do abilities like DODGE, relocating, and FEINT care about movement-impairing terrain effects?


    • A: If an effect causes you to relocate one space, then the master affected is placed one space away. This ignores arduous terrain and ignores combat movement. If an effect allows you to move one space, then the master moves as if their speed is 1. Therefore arduous terrain and combat movement rules still apply. Example: if you dodge, you cannot move into a space that is arduous terrain. If you move away from an adjacent master you will have to exert once for the dodge and once again for combat movement. In summary: FEINT, FURY, and OVERRUN ignore combat movement and arduous terrain because they “relocate”, while DODGE and DASH do not because they “move”.
  • Q: If I FOCUS as a part of an effect, will it trigger terrain effects (like healing on rejuvenating terrain)?


    • A: No. Any FOCUS performed outside of a specific focus tome action will NOT cause terrain effects to trigger.
  • Q: Are you forced to discard down to your hand max at the end of a round?


    • A: No. You are not forced to discard down to your max hand size. That said, if you USE cards in the Reconcile Step and your hand size is above your max hand size, you do not get to draw beyond your max hand size.
  • Q: Do friendly masters count for Combat Movement?


    • A: No. The key is “opposing masters”, so teammates won’t incur this movement penalty. Per combat movement in the glossary, “If your master is in a space adjacent to an opposing master, to move to a space that is not adjacent to an opposing master, you must EXERT as an additional cost. Some cards have abilities that mention “relocating” (which is distinct from a “Move”) and therefore won’t cause combat movement rules to apply.”
  • Q: If I am adjacent to two enemy masters and I use DODGE, do I exert once or twice?

    • A: This one is a bit more situational… Per Combat Movement in the Glossary, “If your master is in a space adjacent to an opposing master, to move to a space that is not adjacent to an opposing master, you must EXERT as an additional cost.” Also found in the rules – "You can be locked in combat with multiple masters, meaning you must EXERT for each master you move away from."

      • If you are not adjacent to any opposing master when you DODGE, you need only exert once to pay for the DODGE defense effect, no matter where you move.
      • If you are adjacent to one or more opposing masters when you DODGE, you need to exert once to pay for the DODGE defense effect and if you move to a space that is still adjacent to the same masters, you do not exert again. But if you move to a space away from one of the masters, you must exert a second time.
      • If you are adjacent to one or more opposing masters when you DODGE, you need to exert once to pay for the DODGE defense effect and if you move to a space that is no longer adjacent to the same one or more opposing masters, you must exert again for each master you move away from.

So it is also possible to exert from moving away from one opposing master, even if you end up next to a different one. If you are next to three opposing masters and you move away from them all at the same time, you must exert three times in total. Exert is also considered a cost, so if you cannot exert that many times, you cannot make the movement.

  • Q: When you DODGE, do you have the opportunity to change facing?


    • A: Yes. The basic rule of thumb is that whoever is moving the piece is also selecting the facing, so you can face any direction when you DODGE.
  • Q: Can you make a FOCUS tome action, even if you are EXHAUSTED (no  cards remain in your battle deck)?


    • A: Yes. You may FOCUS even without having a card on top of your Battle Deck. This is similar to playing an attack without targets, just to trigger special effects. Additionally, if you perform a FOCUS action, you must place the top card of your battle deck into your karma pool. The only time you can perform this action without placing the top card of your battle deck into your karma pool is when you are exhausted.
  • Q: Can you play a defense card against an effect?


    • A: Normally no, with some limited exceptions. Spirit Shield may be played in response to an effect, because it specifically states such. If an effect requires a master to be "hit" you must deal 1 or more damage – So in this manner, if you prevent all of the damage you can essentially prevent that effect, so to speak.
  • Q: Are masters affected by their own status effects, tome effects, or friendly fire?


    • A: Yes, yes, and yes. Yes, masters are affected by their own statuses, you can target and hit allies with attacks,  and anything that states "all masters" also hits yourself. “all other masters” is everyone but yourself, and “each opposing master” is all of your opponents masters.
  • Q: What’s up with the Level Up cards?


    • A: To clarify, it is not just an extra 3HP we're talking about, these cards are more powerful in every category – Karma, Attack, Patterns, and effects that go great with that master. So they can be used in handicapping with a new player facing off against a veteran for an extra challenge. It can be used by a bunch of veterans who want a little extra spice. They will be used in scenario play (forthcoming). If you want to play fair – either noone includes them, or everyone must have them… otherwise things won't be balanced! The intent of the Level-Up cards was to provide exciting new play options for players, and not to create a strange advantage due to one player owning them (and one not).
  • Q: Can I play more than one defense effect in response to an attack?


    • A: No. Effects like Sihara's Kiss and Voltaric Shield are both considered "Defense Effects" and as such follow this rule of only being able to play one against an attack. This is why they have the shield icon on them as well. You can only play one defense effect per attack, from anywhere. See Defense Effect in the glossary.
  • Q: Is the token limit in reference to the total number of statuses that came with a given master or is it limited to the total number of statuses you own?


    • A: The correct limit is how many originally came with that master. Akiko comes with 12 BURN tokens in the core game, therefore her limit is 12 tokens in play (be they on the board or on masters). If you get additional tokens, from an expansion they can only be used to replace lost tokens. Same goes with 3D tokens – you can use them to replace lost tokens or swap them out for flat ones.
  • Q: Can you enter spaces occupied or move through other masters?


    • A: No.
  • Q: Can you attack through solid terrain?


    • A: Yes.
  • Q: Can you attack even if you have no masters targeted?


    • A: Yes. You may play an attack just to perform the effects of the card.
  • Q: Can you activate defense effects during an attack, as in deal an extra 3 damage from a RIPOSTE or similar effect?


    • A: No. Defense Effects, indicated by the shield, are only played in response to an effect.
  • Q: What happens to statuses and equipment at restoration?


    • ​​A: The choice of what status and equipment to keep and lose is completely up to the master – they may keep any number of statuses and/or equipment they desire and remove the rest.

  • Q: What if a slick terrain space is a part of the attack target pattern, you dodge into it, and relocate to a space no longer targeted by the attack?


    • A: You prevent all damage since you first “pause” the defense effect with the slick relocation triggered effect, then proceed with the defense effect of no longer being in the pattern and preventing all damage as a part of the defense effect.


  • Q: Who control's Akiko's Coil of Deceit equipment? As in, once it’s on someone, does the wearer now control it or does Akiko decide if/when to move it to someone else?


    • A: While in her tome, Akiko has control of equipping it.  The master who has it equipped to them may pay this cost to move it.  Once equipped, masters can pay the cost to pass it around. Likewise, whoever has it equipped is the master taking the damage.
  • Q: If your master has BURN status and moves into a space with a BURN status token, what happens?


    • A: Nothing happens, you leave the burn token on the board. If Akiko decides to EXPLODE that token, they would will take 4 damage.


  • Q: Can Hikaru play her avatar ability, even if she is EXHAUSTED (no  cards remain in your battle deck)?


    • A: Yes. You may FOCUS even without having a card on top of your Battle Deck. This is similar to playing an attack without targets, just to trigger special effects.
  • What will happen if you have just one card left in your deck on top of Hikaru´s Regeneration IMPRINT, and you use Hikaru´s avatar ability?


    • A: In this example, you begin by applying Hikaru’s karma ability, after you FOCUS, the IMPRINTed card is revealed and immediately triggers and pauses Hikaru’s avatar ability. There are no cards beneath it, so it has no effect and returns to the tome. After that resolves, Hikaru’s karma ability will then unpause and continue, causing you to HEAL. So in grand total, you’ll FOCUS, return the IMPRINT to your tome, and HEAL.


  • Q: If Kenta takes damage from an effect, like a tome or defense effect, does that master gain RANCOR?


    • A: No. There is a distinction between "attacks" and "effects". When he takes damage from an effect, the master dealing the damage does not gain RANCOR. Only when he takes damage from an attack, or a bonus attack, the master dealing the damage gains RANCOR.
  • Q: Does FURY cause masters pushed into DEADLY terrain to EXERT?


    • A: Yes. The deadly terrain effect only cares that a master enters the space, it doesn’t care if they relocated or moved there.
  • Q: Can Kenta discard ADAPT cards for Never-Ending Rage?


    • A: Yes. ADAPT cards are treated as if that card had the keyword printed on it.
  • Q: Does Kenta's FATE-FOCUS trigger healing on appropriate tiles?


    • A: No. Rejuvenating Terrain specifically states – "If a master uses their tome action to FOCUS while occupying rejuvenating terrain, they may HEAL." So only when they use the tome action to focus does a player heal.
  • Q: Can Kenta use his Anesthetic ability to empty his karma pool should he so choose?


    • A: Yes. If you pay 0-3, no effect (other than spending the tome action and cards to pay for the effect). If you pay 4-7, you HEAL once. If you pay 8-99+, HEAL once and DRAW once.
  • Q: Is Kenta’s equipped Buckler shield a mandatory effect?


    • A: Yes. The effect of the Buckler is mandatory, and once equipped you may only remove it by an effect or restoration.
  • Q: Does Kenta determine facing of the opponent’s master with his FURY effects?


    • A: Yes. The basic rule of thumb is that whoever is moving the piece is also selecting the facing. And yes, this makes for some fun team play!


  • Q: Do chain attacks all count as a single attack or is it an attack per card. Hence allowing someone to play multiple block/defensive cards in response to a battering of attacks?


    • A: Each attack is separate.  Therefore you may respond to each with a single defense effect. The attacker may also rotate before making each attack. But as always, you cannot respond to a single attack with multiple defenses.
  • Q: Can you play multiple defense cards in response to multiple attacks from Rosamu chaining?


    • A: Yes. Each player targeted may play a defense card in response to each separate attack Rosamu plays while "chaining." When Rosamu uses his avatar ability – "If the last attack you played this turn was a CHAIN card, you may play an additional attack with karma of 6 or higher without using an attack action…" Each battle card played is considered a new and separate attack. Per rules – "Each master targeted by an attack may respond with one defensive card from their hand, in turn order."
  • Q: Can Rosamu potentially play well over two attacks in a single turn through a combination of chaining, top-decking high karma chain cards, playing those, rinse repeat as long as he plays a 6-karma unique chain card each step?


    • A: Yes. In the hands of a player that has good stack-manipulation skills, Rosamu can potentially pull off multiple attacks only using one attack action in his turn. However, he cannot go infinite, as seen on his avatar card – “You may not play CHAIN cards with the same name more than once per turn.”
  • Q: Rosamu’s Meditate ability for 1 karma to more or less empty anyone's karma pool for 1 karma seems unbalanced, can you explain the rationale for this ability?


    • A: It can be incredibly powerful, or immensely useless. It is an ability that does not damage your opponent, in fact it technically heals them since cards are going from their Karma Pool (not a part of life total) to the top of their deck (a part of their life total). In playtesting, this card is most useful on yourself or to help your allies get rid of their karma pool late game and give them the cards they might rather have in hand.
  • Q: Can Rosamu play Dharnu's Guide to remove a status from himself if he already has SPIRIT status?


    • A: Yes. If you cannot have more than one of a status, you cannot gain an additional status, so the problem lies in part of this effect being illegal. However, the remainder of the effect IS legal. Therefore, you may pay the cost in karma, remove a status, but fail to gain SPIRIT.


  • Q: Both Dokubaba's Plague status and Akiko’s Coil of Deceit effects trigger at the start of the player's turn. Which effect is supposed to occur first for situations like this?


    • A: In Yashima the rule of thumb is "newest first" – this applies to the order of play of a card or an effect. If the Coil of Deceit is equipped to Dokubaba, Since Plague is a constant as of the beginning of the game, the Coil of Deceit card was played afterwards, therefore Coil of Deceit happens first, followed by the Plague. But if the Coil of Deceit is equipped to another master, the newer effect triggers first, depending on the order that master received PLAGUE or the Coil of Deceit.
  • Q: Can Dokubaba remove her own Plague status with her tome abilities?


    • A: Yes. "Dokubaba has PLAGUE status" should be interpreted as "If Dokubaba would lose PLAGUE status, she immediately gains PLAGUE status." So her or anyone else can remove her PLAGUE status, but she immediately gains it back.


  • Q: Regarding FATE- BURST and FATE-EXPLODE, do you have to trigger these effects?


    • A: Yes. You must choose a valid master or space if able, even if it doesn’t turn out for Toru’s best interests! Plan ahead! 
  • Q: How do players enter arduous spaces that also have PLANT status?


    • A: Masters must spend two speed to enter arduous terrain." Having PLANT status on arduous terrain does not change this restriction. To clarify, all masters spend 2 speed to enter, Toru spends 1 if on his Starting Avatar side.


  • Q: How does SARU "move" exactly?


    • A: You may only "move" SARU when Mitsuo takes a move action from the action pool. As such, if you perform a move outside of taking a move action, such as a DODGE, you may NOT "move" SARU. It’s likely not to matter, but SARU "moves" before Mitsuo moves (even if he moves 0 spaces), since it is like a triggered effect happening "in response" to Mitsuo's move action. This is up to 4 spaces away from SARU's location, not Mitsuo's. SARU may occupy spaces with another status, provided that that space does not have SARU status from another player’s Mitsuo. Masters can move through and end their turn on a space that has SARU status. Remember, he's a status token, not a master. A master sharing a space with the SARU status can't turn to face what they are on top of and remember that attacks target spaces in red, so the "origin" space is not a target.
  • Q: Can you attack SARU?


    • A: Yes and No – You may target the space he is on with an attack, but this typically won’t do anything unless your attack has PURIFY or impacts status tokens in some way. 
  • Q: What happens to Mitsuo if a player responds to an attack played from SARU with a defense that does damage to the attacker, such as RIPOSTE or COUNTER?


    • A: Since SARU is the attacker (and he is a token and cannot take damage), you ignore all damage effects done and Mitsuo takes no damage. But all other effects of that defense occur, if able.


  • Q: Endure-Icebreaker – triggers when you lose this card, from the battle deck. That means that if I lose it from my hand, it doesn't trigger, as that is a controlled loss of cards?


    • A: Correct, it only triggers if lost from the battle deck, not from hand. No cheating from your hand!
  • Q: When a master dodges or performs a move without taking a move action, will Yuki’s avatar ability trigger?


    • A: No, it will only trigger when a player takes a move action from the action pool and ends their move adjacent to her. If a master ends a move action on SLICK terrain and then slides next to Yuki, her ability will still trigger since the slick relocation interrupts the movement, and then they end their move next to Yuki.


  • Q: What happens if Lu Bu is relocated by an attack or effect, and during taking that damage, his imprinted Clear the Way effect triggers. If he is no longer adjacent to that master, will he still deal damage?


    • A: Yes. Lu Bu hits too since simultaneous with damage will occur before relocation effects trigger.
  • Q: Does Lu Bu gain the avatar bonus when he is targeting his allied master, or when he targets more than one opposing masters allied to each other?


    • A: Allied masters are in reference to Lu Bu’s teammates, so bonus is only when he hits a friendly to himself.
  • Q: Lu Bu's sky piercer – if you prevent all damage, and thus are not hit, are you still considered to be the target of an attack?


    • A: This effect does not care about being hit or not, it only cares about an attack being resolved. Therefore, Lu Bu may relocate them even if all damage is prevented.


  • Q: If multiple BLEED cards are found imprinted one after another, how will they trigger?


    • A: The "Multiple effects" section in the rules should help clarify this. Basically each imprinted card triggers, and is interrupted by the next one. So if you have three bleeds in a row, Bleed #1 triggers, Bleed #2 reveals/triggers/interrupts Bleed #1, Bleed #3 reveals/triggers/interrupts Bleed #2. Then Bleed #3 resolves, causing player to exert, then Bleed #2 resolves causing player to exert, and lastly Bleed #1 resolves causing player to exert a third time. The only time a imprint card doesn't trigger is when there are no normal, face-down, battle cards remaining in the deck.


  • Q: Can Musashi rotate facing prior to making a free NITOJUTSU attack?


    • A: Each attack is separate; therefore the attacker may also rotate before making each attack. Targets may respond to each with a single defense effect. But as always, you cannot respond to a single attack with multiple defenses.
  • Q: Does Tai No Sen increase Musashi's chances to win initiative?


    • A: Yes. During the initiative step, you place the top card of your battle deck face up into your karma pool, then compare karma values. Since Tai No Sen increases the karma value of each card in his karma pool, this will increase his chances for winning initiative for the round.
  • Q: Can restored-Musashi remove his own WIND status with his tome abilities?


    • A: Yes. "Musashi has WIND status" should be interpreted as "If Musashi would lose WIND status, he immediately gains WIND status." So he or anyone else can remove his WIND status, but he immediately gains it back, if he's restored.


  • Q: Can Bruce Lee max play Determination every turn and take no mulligan at the start of the round to essentially build a large hand size?


    • A: Yes, there is no hand size limit.
  • Q: How Does RIPOSTE + COUNTER work in relation to SPIRIT SHIELD?


    • A: COUNTER adds to the original defenses effects text and doesn’t alter the text. Therefore RIPOSTE and COUNTER are separate instances of effect damage.  You could USE one card with SPIRIT SHIELD to prevent 3 damage against the RIPOSTE, then you could USE one card with SPIRIT SHIELD to prevent 3 damage against the COUNTER effect. Or just use one SPIRIT SHIELD against one or the other.
  • Q: How does Bruce’s Jogging Shuffles work with two opposing masters?


    • A: Due to the once per turn portion of the text, Bruce selects one opposing master to exert and Bruce exerts only once when moving from two masters at the same time.
  • Q: Can BRUCE play his avatar ability during an opponent’s turn, and multiple times?


    • A: You can play this quick effect any number of times only during your own turn before or after performing other actions, not while resolving another action. This cannot be done on your opponent’s turns.

  • Q: Is the Wizard only available in resin and foil?


    • A: Yes, at present. 
  • Q: Can the Wizard play his avatar ability during an opponent’s turn, and multiple times?


    • A: You can play this quick effect any number of times only during your own turn before or after performing other actions, not while resolving an action (like during an attack action or in the middle of a move action).