Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs

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The cities have fallen. Nuclear ash hangs heavy in the air. Suburbia, once the pinnacle of the American dream, is now the bloody battleground of the apocalypse. But how long can the white picket fences hold back the horde? The undead are changing, mutating into horrific abominations. Will you rely on kitchen appliances and garden tools to fend off the monsters, or embrace a few mutations of your own?

Defend the ‘Burbs features a four-part campaign, with each chapter taking 90-120 minutes to complete. Throughout the story, your survivors will need to find a defensible home in the suburbs, and protect it from an undead onslaught every night. While the sun is up, those same survivors will need to be assigned to tasks: Search for supplies with choose-your-path scavenging missions, build fortifications using the crafting system, patrol for daytime stragglers, or even get some much needed rest. But beware - every choice you make during the day determines how many zombies will come a’ knockin’ when the sun goes down.


  • 2-5 Players, 120 Minutes, Ages 14+.
  • Each player controls a squad of survivors in the post-nuclear zombie apocalypse.
  • Story driven exploration and tower defense gameplay.
  • Co-op and versus scenarios across a four-part campaign.
  • Tactical miniature combat with modular tiles.




Zpocalypse 2: Defend the 'Burbs comes with 40 miniatures. The five new squad minis feature a back to back duo - an everywoman and everyman, facing off against certain doom in style. Defend the ‘Burbs contains five purple mutates (the boss zombies that fuel your nightmares), and 30 zombie miniatures -- grey for the weak, decrepit zombies, and green for the freshly turned undead. The miniatures are a hard PVC plastic that we've used in our, Zpocalypse Aftermath, Yashima, Fairytale Games: Miniatures campaign and Dragon Tides. The size of the miniatures will be about 25mm-30mm.



Tactical miniature combat in Defend the ‘Burbs focuses on strategic choices. At the start of each turn, players will roll dice to create their Action Pool, and then allocate those dice to move, attack, activate special abilities, and deal with on-board challenges. Each weapon you equip will have a dice cost to make basic attacks, and activate that weapon’s abilities. Survivors also have abilities that can be activated with dice - everyone behaves differently when the undead are on your doorstep!  



There are biological happenings unknowable to modern science taking place within the genomes of the undead. The results, however, are easy to document. The more noise your squad makes and the more attention your house calls to itself, the bigger and badder the threat outside becomes. Eventually, the worst of the worst will come a-knockin’. Depending on how your squads perform throughout the campaign, you’ll be periodically facing genetic abominations with massive health pools, tons of damage, and unique powers that will test your ability to work as a team.


Action Board

One of the biggest changes from the original Zpocalypse is the Action board, used to allocated survivors to certain tasks. Provided players survive the undead onslaught at night, when the sun rises they’ll need to divide up the members of their squads for group objectives. Each survivor has a set of skills they’re proficient in, but the choices aren’t easy. Do you put your talented mechanic on the workbench to craft fortifications and upgrades, or do you send her out on the scavenging team, in case something needs to be repaired while you’re searching for supplies? You’ll have to decide as a group, because every choice you make during the day is going to affect the number of zombies you attract for the following night.


Safe House

There are no longer nukes exploding, so hooray for no longer calling the bunker “home”. You’ve left the city and have ventured into the suburbs to find a house to defend. It’s a bigger base with two floors. Each floor is a 8x8 inch tile, the same size as the 4 tile squares that made up the bases in Zpocalypse. The floor tiles will be double sided for variety. Due to the fact that the floors are not attached, we have the ability to create print and plays with new maps in the future.




Scavenging has leveled up in Defend the ‘Burbs! Your encounter will vary with number of survivors, their skills, and the location. With a whole matrix of encounters you may find yourself out of luck because feral dogs heard you sneaking into the pet shop for their treats. Then again, you might make the saving game play because you remembered how to hotwire a truck (despite your mom’s warnings of misspent youth) and have just enough gas to mow down a horde of zeds before heading into the toy store. If any of your scavenging team members is a smooth talker, you might bring more survivors home.

With our choose-your-own adventure style scavenging system there are a multitude of outcomes. We also look forward to releasing additional print and play scavenging opportunities for continued variety!



It is amazing what a survivor can do when they are not trying to make it past the first night. With all that newfound freedom your survivors have added to their crafting skills. In addition to the original fortifications, survivors are able to craft weapons, create base improvements and upgrade items.


New squad Boards

We have updated our squad boards for better organization and enhanced gameplay. The smaller size allows for more table space to organize your play area. Each survivor has a slot on the board to keep track of their health and the weapons they hold. Keeping track of damage means determining which of your survivors make it… or don’t actually survive.


What is the original Zpocalypse game?

Zpocalypse is a cooperative play, zombie survival game in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Two to four players play squads of survivors, managing their stats on a squad board. To be the best team spend one to four days in the nuclear zombified wasteland. Start in a basement/fallout shelter that leads to several base locations, or even through the sewers. Scavenge for food and supplies, which expands the transformable board. Feed your survivors and add their skills to your squad board, then use your squad to fortify your base. An event card adds additional challenges and gives zombie movement. Combat adds the adrenaline rush of moving around the board trying to combat zombies before they consume you. Every fortification built, zombie killed, and survivor saved leads to victory points which determines the ultimate winner, and also allows you to level up in weapons ability. Try to make it day to day in a world torn apart from the undead.

Many Zpocalypse components will be compatible with Zpocalypse 2: Defend the ‘Burbs. Scroll down to "Changes to the Zpocalypse" to read more about compatibility.

Changes to Zpocalypse

Components (mini’s, tiles, chits, most cards) are compatible, but game play has been altered by new concepts of play, centered around the ability to play beyond the predefined 4 days of survival.

  • Combat: Tactical combat in Defend the ‘Burbs emphasizes strategy over luck. The new system still uses the Z-dice, but you now roll all your dice at the start of your turn, and spend them as needed, instead of relying on a good rule after you’ve made your choice.
  • Skill cards: Replace daily goals as new ability acquisition.
  • Scenarios: We have moved scenarios to the rulebook instead of cards to allow for more detailed information and easier release of additional scenarios in the future.
  • Food and item cards: Now reduced in size to allow larger decks with more variety. Play with the new item and food decks in classic Zpocalypse by replacing the original decks.
  • Reduced size squad boards: To facilitate a 5th player, we reduced the size of the squad board by dropping the double HP/defense wheel. Instead you track survivor HP individually. Defense is still cumulative. Smarts and movement still work on smartest and slowest, but we feel dedicating a wheel for them is a waste of table space.
  • Survivor cards new skill icons: Original survivors will be forwards and backwards compatible for either game. Original survivors are more combat focused, whereas Zpocalypse 2 survivors are more skill focused. Both may acquire and use the new skill cards. Something's Happening cards: Where the original Something's Happening cards only determined the difficulty of the zombies and their movement speed based on the day, now when a Something’s Happening card is turned, the fate of the players is determined by the number of zombies on the tracker. If you were terrible scavengers, had no one on patrol, and made a lot of noise building, chances are zombies have reached a critical mass and will send a horde your way. Combat is not a foregone conclusion. However, other challenges can still be sent your way such as raiders in the night! .


As the sun sets on another day of defending the Burbs, you can’t help but ask yourself, “Is this all there is? Are we truly doomed to live out our days in this suburban purgatory?”

-Enter the Wasteland-

Players brave enough to venture out beyond their white picket fences and take to the highway will find themselves greeted by mutants, bandits, mad scientists, and more. Featuring a four-part campaign adventure, new survivors, weapons,locations, craftables, and terrain, The Wasteland expansion* adds hours of blood curdling fun for the whole family**.


*  Not a standalone game. Requires Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs

**Not for the feint of heat. Including but not limited to: Children, grandparents, pets, and adults.


  • Explore the Wasteland highways across post-nuclear America
  • All new four-part campaign filled with dark humor
  • 24 new choose-your-path scavenging stories and locations
  • New survivors, weapons and crafting cards
  • Three highly detailed miniatures New game mode featuring truck travel exploration

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