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Ninja Dice is a fast-paced, push-your-luck dice game with a unique mechanic: where the dice land is important!
Even though the Kickstarter is over we will be taking pre-orders on our main website. Please head over there for more information as it becomes available: GreenbrierGames.Com - Ninja Dice
Each turn in Ninja Dice you'll create a House filled with challenges and use your Ninja skills to beat them. Move Quick! The other Ninjas are also rolling dice to attack you, and each other, because the Ninja with the most treasure wins!
Ninja Dice introduces a mechanic that allows certain dice to modify other dice based on how they land. Dice that have a line on their front edge can modify other dice partially or completely in front of them, like an arc of fire.
In the example above, any die that is partially or completely in the orange area can be targeted by the Fortune die. Ninja Dice is also different because every time the active player rolls the other players roll against them. If the active player re-rolls, so do the other players. Unlike many dice games Ninja Dice is not a multi-player game of solitaire!
“Really great game concept” -Noobsource  ("The GenCon Experience") "It succeeds at taking a different angle to press your luck games, and it does it in a way that’s innovative, entertaining, and brief." - The Cardboard Republic (Previewing: Ninja Dice) "Push your luck with arc of fire, I'm going to guarantee that that’s pretty original!"TheSpiel podcast (from GenCon 2013) "I love the fact that there's player interaction!" - Bower's Game Corner (Ninja Dice review) "Really impressed that they did something different with this" - Undead Viking (Ninja Dice review) "Nice, light, little fun game"- MarcoWargamer (Marco's Board Game Video Reviews) "Even when it's not your turn you're doing something to hinder your opponent" - GeekStorm Episode 15 (Kickstarter Spotlight segment) “It’s a cute little game” - MisDirectedMark podcast (Episode 76)
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First, roll the House dice to see what challenges you must overcome. Then roll your Skill dice and match up your Ninja skills against these challenges. At the same time, the other players will be rolling Threat dice to try and stop you. You earn treasure at the end of your turn for the challenges you beat, and if you beat all the challenges of a house you gain bonus treasure. You also get extra treasure if you pass all challenges without having to fight anyone, so be as stealthy as you can.
If you don't roll the skills needed to beat all the house challenges you can stop and take the treasure you've earned so far, or you can re-roll any of your skill dice. But each time you re-roll the other players get to roll threat dice to see if your time runs out. If time runs out your turn is over and you get no treasure! The threat dice also allow the other players to attack and possibly take treasure from you, or from each other, every time you roll. The player with the most treasure after three rounds of increasingly difficult challenges wins the game. Four player games play in 15-25 minutes; five player games play in 25-35 minutes. You can see the rules here: Ninja Dice Rules
Ninja Dice comes with 15 compression molded "etched" dice: 6 House dice, 5 Skill dice, and 4 Threat dice. Please note: all dice you see on this page are prototypes. The House dice represent the challenges you face:
The Skill dice represent the Ninja skills that you use to beat the house challenges:
Fight and stealth are used to beat residents and guards, pick beats locks, and wild can be fight, stealth or pick. Fortune isn't a skill but will boost any one of your skill results to four of that skill. Block lets you stop arrow attacks if other players try and take your treasure. The Threat dice represent time passing as you try to beat the house challenges:
A total of four hourglasses rolled during your turn means your turn is over and you gain no treasure. The Arrow gives the other players a chance to attack you, or attack each other, and take treasure. Block protects the player that rolled it from arrow attacks.
Thanks to all the backers out there the base game will now come with plastic treasure tokens! They come in three types: copper, silver and gold, and represent 1, 5 and 10 treasure respectively. Here are 3D Renders of the plastic tokens:
These will be great tokens and a significant upgrade from the originally planned cardboard tokens but we may even have a metal option as an add-on (-- see the Stretch Goals section above) "But Ninjas didn't care about treasure!" you exclaim. Ah, but historically Ninjas were often mercenaries and actually did enjoy their treasure. (Wiki it, after you pledge! )
The base game of Ninja Dice comes in a rugged, take-anywhere, zippered fabric Ninja container with 6 House dice, 5 Skill dice, 4 Threat dice, 21 "copper" treasure tokens, 7 "silver" treasure tokens, 7 "gold" treasure tokens and a double-sided rules sheet. Due to the wonderful support of all our backers we have unlocked some additional content that will not be included in the retail package but all of you Kickstarter backers will recieve. So far this includes 4 Exclusive Location Cards, the Location Card Pack #1 which would normally be a seperate purchase, and 2 Zpocalypse promo cards. If we get enough backers we'll package the fabric Ninja Dice container inside a collectible "hide-in-plain-sight" box for Kickstarter backers only  -- see the Stretch Goals section above. Note: you'll still get the game in it's normal black fabric Ninja container, but we'll put it inside a special box with cut-outs for his eyes and headband.
Greenbrier Games has run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, but we are still just a bunch of average folks working day jobs while playing and creating board games in our spare time.
Zpocalypse, our first Kickstarter campaign, held the brief title of top grossing board game project in history until the awesome Steve Jackson re-released OGRE and overran us! Our Aftermath project also did very well. Thanks again to all of our supporters; you made these projects happen! But we are still just normal folks trying to break even while making our dreams come true. The bottom line is Ninja Dice will not be published unless this campaign is successful. We think this is an amazingly fun game, but we don't have a treasure chest of money to publish it without your help. That's why we've once again turned to Kickstarter, and to you, to help make this awesome little game a reality!
Stretch goals have become a popular way to give better components and other unique items to backers of Kickstarter projects if the money raised is above the project's goal. We have set our target goal at the absolute minimum amount we need to publish Ninja Dice, but we would love to publish it with better components like plastic treasure tokens instead of cardboard ones and threat dice inked with different colors. With your help we can raise enough money to enhance what comes with all copies of Ninja Dice and provide special add-ons.

Where are the Minis?

Greenbrier Games is teaming up with Fairytale Games to breath life to an exciting new set of miniatures.  Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale, a survival tabletop card game, where fairytale/folklore heroes and villains are pitted against each other in a Hunger Games (or Battle Royale) style death match. They have a new Kickstarter running right now for some great miniatures set in the universe they have created. Jed, from Greenbrier Games, is the lead modeler in making these miniatures come to life! So go check out their Kickstarter!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is our third Kickstarter project. Our first project started with cardboard and ended up with custom miniatures, cards, dice and expansion packs and we've learned the ins and outs of nearly every facet of the board game manufacturing world. We've learned (painfully!) how to set realistic goals for both ourselves and our backers, hopefully making the process rewarding for everyone involved. As with any project produced overseas, there can be unforeseen production delays, shipping delays and customs delays. We've learned (again painfully!) all about delays and ways to manage or avoid them. We're working with the same manufacturer that printed our first two projects, Grand Prix International. They've made custom dice for us before and the results are top-notch. We've already got all art and game design ready. We've even received a few prototypes from the manufacturers and have started the back and forth proofing process. We've also learned to be realistic in the extra time needed for any extra content that may be added with our stretch goals, and we've padded our delivery date to account for any unforeseen production delays. Our goal is to get your rewards to you BEFORE the estimated delivery date! Thank you so much for your help making our dreams a reality! -- The team at Greenbrier Games