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Folklore the Affliction is a dark fantasy role playing board game for 1-5 players that does not require a game master. Adventure in a land steeped in fear, myth and superstition. Hunt or be hunted by creatures of antiquity and legend. Explore dangerous locales to find clues to the sources of evil sinking claws into the heart of the land, and decimating the populace. Defend the weak from the scourge of witchcraft and the demonic, the taint of lycanthropy and vampirism. Advance through highly immersive stories of epic scale with multi-layer character development in an on-going quest to drive the darkness back into the hell from which it came.

There are many people that have embarked together on this quest to aide in the development of Folklore:The Affliction. Here are a few:

Adam & Brady Sadler, designers of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition and Warhammer Quest: the Adventure Card Game, have joined the team and are co-developing Folklore: The Affliction. Their experience and professionalism has taken the development of Folklore: The Affliction to new heights.

Jason Engle, is the artist behind Folklore:The Affliction and is responsible for bringing the depth and style that makes it such an artistically immersive game. No stranger to the fantasy realm, he has been creating and publishing his work for the past 16 years. He is easily recognizable by his art pieces for Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Pathfinder, and is the artist guest of honor from PaizoCon 2015. His talents bring the Folklore characters and cartography to life. See more of his work at

Ed Greenwood. In between game sessions you can continue your adventures in Folklore: The Affliction by reading novels from Ed Greenwood and members of The Ed Greenwood Group's Sessorium of Creatives. Greenwood is the creator of the Forgotten Realms® and a myriad of other worlds, universes, and shared settings and a New York Times best-selling author of literally thousands of works that have sold over a quarter billion units (250,000,000) in a dazzling array of formats in over 40 languages in more than 120 countries.

Working with the creative leads at Twin Fire Productions, Ed Greenwood is overseeing a series of almost 40 novels that will begin with his own Folklore tale: The Whispering Skull (December, 2016). This creative partnership will also be working together to create Quickblade role playing game adventures based in the Folklore setting giving fans a whole new way to explore and enjoy Folklore: The Affliction!

By backing us on Kickstarter, you will also receive the below Kickstarter Exclusive Pack of miniatures and stretch goal content that will be unlocked throughout this campaign!


For an introduction example of how an adventure is written in Folklore: The Affliction, download the Story Journal Preview (Click Here 6.5MB)! This sample adventure should take around 30 minutes to complete where a standard adventure typically runs 90 to 120 minutes with experienced players!

Players choose their story, which contain chapters that provide convenient stopping points for controlling session lengths. Stories escalate in difficulty as the characters unearth lore to defeat ancient evils known as Afflictions and drive them back into the hell from which they came. Your party of 1-5 characters travel together, explore the world map, and encounter some surprises along the way! Search corridors and catacombs, solve puzzles, earn gear, set traps, avoid snares, gain companions, learn abilities, and more!

Once the heroes reach a site of interest, the game shifts into a miniatures-based dungeon crawl with map boards revealing those dark places where only the brave or insane would venture. Each character is able to interact with the tactical adventure maps, use their equipment, skills and weaponry to do combat with beautifully sculpted creature and Affliction miniatures.

If your character dies in Folklore: The Affliction, it is not the end. You continue play as your character’s spirit! Ghost characters can fight with the strength of the spirit and duel otherworldly foes. The town physician can bring you back to life. That is, unless your spirit has gone to Limbo…only the gypsies can help you then, for a price! Characters who pass into Limbo, a place beyond the ghostly realms, return to life with a tarot card which dictates their destiny.

To see more about game play look at the beta of our rule book. Please note there has been very little polish so far, but the mechanics have been play-tested and are designer approved. We focused on giving you the mechanics, so it's not the full book.


"There have been a lot of games that have tried to give an RPG experience in a boardgame format. I have played a lot of them. I finally found one that does it with Folklore." - Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos

"If you are looking for a really EPIC experience that is incredibly ambitious, this is really one you're going to want to check out." - Forrest Bower, Bower's Game Corner

"The best way to describe Folklore: The Affliction is as a meld between modern dungeon-crawling board games, like Descent, and classic Dungeons & Dragons role playing adventures." - The League of Nonsensical Gamers

When I saw Folklore: The Affliction at Origins in 2014, I could tell that it was special" - Keith Schleicher, The Gaming Trend

One of things that makes Folklore:The Affliction unique is the storytelling element that weaves the game together. Decisions made by the players change the story and fork the destiny of the outcomes in each adventure. This Intense story telling and combat action pits you against your most frightening foes with strategy building both on and off the battlefield, resource management, power consumption and item creation. Will you accept this quest to purge evil from this land?

  • Cooperative play for 1-5 players
    Adventure through a dark fantasy/horror role playing environment that will require working together to use the best group strategy for defeating the Afflictions and earning the best gear. The adventure intensity scales to match the number of players in your session. Protect yourself and your friends. Beware the powers of darkness which can make your friends become infected with lycanthropy or vampirism or become possessed.
  • Immersive RPG style feel without a GM
    With all the great games that have come before, immersive play often requires a Game Master, but in Folklore the Affliction, all the players cooperate as characters in the story! Everyone gets to play. The Narrative and intuitive creature AI challenges the players to use their gear and ingenuity to succeed or fail and ultimately steer the path of the adventure.
  • Tactical miniature combat
    During exploration, your characters will be challenged by their environment and engage in dangerous miniatures-based combat as well as non-miniatures based skirmishes. Characters battle in intuitive strategic combats and locales that require interaction even during combat. Who will hold off the Wraith in combat while another character races to the sarcophagus to close the lid? Will you choose to pull a lever while battling an undead horde in order to trap the rest of their forces behind a portcullis?
  • Character development
    Choose your character's focus and profession, gear them up for adventure and combat, and customize then the way you choose by assigning advancement points and purchasing abilities and items.
  • Immersive storylines
    Each game session is like playing through a dark fantasy/horror novel or movie. The narrative immerses the players as they make game-changing choices and interactions that can alter the course of the storyline and determine the outcome and the path toward victory.
  • Campaign style play
    Completing a story is not the end. Advance your characters, gain weapons, artifacts, companions, and abilities and bring them into the next story with all their gear. Customize each character your way as they advance by spending points in the skills and abilities you choose.
  • Death is only the beginning
    If you have a fatality, you are not out of the game, you instead play on as your ghost with ethereal ghostly powers to rise up against evil from beyond the veil.
  • Find companions
    Gain or hire the townsfolk and the animals in this hell-oppressed place and lead them into the darkness as you face the evils that threaten to devour you all.

Each character has their own skills and sets of unique abilities to acquire and master in their rise towards dominance in the war against evil. Each character is distinct in role and depth with unique customization and endless re-playability. Folklore is as much about character development, as it is about dark and gritty exploration and combat.

1.) The Witch Hunter: A fanatical bounty hunter sworn to rid the land of evil magics. He is a tracker and a marksman with the crossbow.

2.) The Telepath: A talented mentalist who can access unique and powerful abilities. She can crush the brain matter of her foes and throw enemies with the power of her mind.

3.) The Avenging Madman: A revenge-driven farmer whose family was slaughtered by otherworldly forces. Vengeance is his only remaining purpose and rage is his weapon!

4.) The Arcanist: A seeker of lost knowledge. Her understanding of the occult is peerless and she is able to harness the power of rituals.

5.) The Archeologist: A world-traveler and scholar seeking knowledge of things ancient and mystical. He carries a whip that can hinder his foes.

6.) The Exorcist: A priest sent to rid the land of evil. Formidable and feared by the followers of darkness, he is armed with a connection to the divine and has access to prayers.