Ninja Dice: Kage Masters



In Ninja Dice: Kage Masters, you can play Ninja Dice as one of 5 new unique characters known as kage masters! A kage (pronounced “COG-AY”, not “cage”!) is an elite ninja, the leader of his or her village, and master of the clan’s hidden techniques. Each kage has their own kage die and character card, complete with special abilities unique to that kage. The kage dice are a seamless addition to the original game rules, yet they add many layers of engaging fun to the gameplay!

Product Description

At the beginning of the game, you choose which kage you want to play as, taking their character card and kage die. Every time you would normally roll, roll your kage die as well. That means when it’s your turn, roll it with the skill dice. On other players’ turns, roll it as a special threat die. Your character card describes what abilities you have, including what happens when you roll your kage die’s unique icons. Depending on whether or not it’s your turn, your kage’s abilities can change, so each turn is different and engaging!

  • 2-5 players, 15-35 minutes to play, ages 8 and up.
  • Easy to learn, fast-paced, and fun for all ages!
  • Push-your-luck game with elements of strategy.
  • The position and the direction dice face when they land matters!
  • Roll dice on every players’ turn- it’s not just a multiplayer game of solitaire!
  • Everything fits in an adorably cool, small and portable ninja plush case, so you can take Ninja Dice on the go!
  • Ninja Dice is proud to be a product originally backed on Kickstarter. Many thanks to all our loyal fans who made this game possible!

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