KS: Folklore The Affliction Feb 1, 2017

Hey everyone,

We have received the first batch of production samples in the mail. The picture quality isn’t perfect, but it should be enough to give you a good idea of the level of detail in each of these pieces.

First up, some map tile samples. There are 10 double-sided 10x10in maps in the core game, and more in the expansion (including maps of different sizes). We are very pleased with these beauties.


 And, for the main course, we were beyond excited to open up another package from our manufacture and find production quality miniatures inside! Below are images of the minis as you will be receiving them.



There are a lot of miniatures in this game. Even we get surprised sometimes by the sheer volume of plastic. Let’s break it down one at a time:


The Mad Man




The Witch Hunter




The Arcanist




The Archeologist




The Exorcist




And, of course, the onslaught of the undead, unholy, and unimaginable evil you’ll be facing:












It is immensely gratifying seeing these guys in their final iteration, and we hope you share a piece of that satisfaction with us. Let us know your thoughts and feelings!

 Additionally, our friends over at Dog Might Games, creators of the amazing wooden Folklore boxes some of you will be receiving, have created a new product we are very excited about it. As die-hard fans of their work, we can’t pass up an opportunity to share with you:


Crafted by the insane Lumberjack Vikings at Dog Might Games, the Dragon Tray is the most jaw dropping dice rolling surface and token holder known to man. These amazing works of art are the culmination of years of artistic study combined with technical expertise and fine craftsmanship. Every Dragon Tray is created from hand selected hardwoods and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Over 25 designs to choose from.

These guys are working their butts off to bring us all the best gaming swag around. If you’re interested in picking up a tray, showing your support, or just learning more, take a look at their kickstarter page – which is active now!


That’s it for this week everyone. Thanks for listening, and for all your support! We’ll be posting more production updates as soon as they become available to us.

Wishing you all the best,

Greenbrier Games