Champions of HARA


In the beginning, Hara was only the thread of a dream, a nucleus of energy born in the belly of the universe. This budding world surged with three powerful forces, each sowing a different aspect of creation across the land. The emerging life forms began to harness this power, shaping the world of Hara piece by piece. The result was beautiful… for a time.

With each eclipse of Hara’s two suns, these primal forces of creation rage out of control and threaten to tear the world apart. This cyclical descent into chaos is known as the Conflux. In an effort to quell the destruction wrought by the Conflux, The Kensei, Hara’s steward, sends a call across the universe, searching for individuals capable of wielding the creative energy in their own unique ways. Those who are summoned are challenged to compete amongst one another to contain the most wayward energy within his or herself. With each Conflux, only one can rise above and prove they are worthy to restore balance as a champion of Hara.

  • Co-op or Versus style game play
  • Tactical miniature combat
  • Modular hex map
  • Action point & hand management
  • Unique resource system – Energy Alignment
  • Character progression paths
  • Narrative adventure through a rich world
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